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Two Wines with Two Distinct Personalities

The grapes for this wine come from the Carneros AVA in Napa Valley. The vines are on 3309C rootstock planted in 2001; clone 459. We picked these grapes on September 20th at 26.6 Brix and 3.67 pH. We used Symphony yeast and native bacteria to maintain a fruity yet complex wine. It pressed as soon as primary fermentation was complete to maintain freshness and aged in once used French Oak. It was bottled August 15th, 2017.

The pre-bottling analysis (ETS Labs) showed 65 Total SO2, 3.68 pH and 6.9g/l TA. It also showed high levels of a wine-spoilage organism (Pediococcus) which was undetectable by taste. This wine was filtered to ensure these bacteria never have a chance to spoil your bottle.

The grapes for this wine came from the famous Stags Leap District growing region of Napa. The vines are on 420A rootstock planted  in 1994; the scion is FPS 4. We picked these grapes at 25.1 Brix on October  5th; a late pick considering the vintage. We fermented it with wine yeast D254- a workhorse which highlights fruitiness in red grapes. MLF was slow due to a low pH (3.39 post-primary). Pressed off skins in early November with 1/4 g/L potassium carbonate to reduce acidity. First racking in February 2016. It was bottled May 24th, 2017.

The pre-bottling analysis (ETS Labs) showed a nearly insignificant 34 mg/L total SO2, 3.61 pH, 6.6 g/L TA and, being a living, unfiltered product, some residual Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Oenococcus oeni, and Acidic acid bacteria, all wonderful organisms to foster in your gut microbiome- enjoy! 

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